Robert Schuman (from a lecture on the theme :  Why and how unite Europe , Luxemburg ; December 7, 1953)


 We have  become ready today for a new perspective, as a result of the experience we have been through in recent years : solidarity among peoples. A solidarity which is the very foundation and the correlate of spiritual brotherhood among humans : this Christian ideal par excellence, which does not imply at all renouncing nor dispraising of patriotism.

We have been going through and experienced at our expense, and during the most tragic years of our generation, the outcome of selfish and totalitarian nationalism. Hitler and his consorts did not demonstrate in vain the tragic consequences of perverse collective instincts, such as nationalism and racism, when the make use of military power and perverse propaganda. We are thefore brought about to substitute for selfish nationalism and hatred the spirit of European solidarity. We shall substitute to revenge the determination to build a new world together.



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